Flying with our mind

Hi readers! Happy to be back with a smile to this lovely platform. Hope you are doing great.

Birds fly with their wings and we humans fly with our minds. Isn’t? It’s impossible to say a no. We are blessed with great minds and our thoughts float in the air as we fly with our minds.

Coming to the title, thoughts are powerful than we think. Yes. Our thoughts can lead to success and at the same time it can lead to a wrong path. We have to control our mind and stay focused only on our development. We enjoy flying with our minds. Yes, I enjoy flying with my mind. But what is the purpose? It must not drive our time away. To not allow our mind to fly for so long, keep yourself busy. This is simple yet a powerful practice. Do something interesting and spend your time wisely. Our mind mostly flies only when we are alone. And that’s the most important part which has to be watched out by ourselves.

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Being at home at this time of pandemic may give you stress or lead you to different thoughts. I recommend to stay calm and enjoy your own company. I love myself and I spend more time for my betterment in life. Whatever it may be- for self improvement or for the career, I utilize at-least two hours a day for myself along with my routine tasks. So, what can be done with our own self? Here is the answer.

  • Read a lot of books
  • Write your thoughts
  • Watch out your thoughts and actions
  • Take good care for your health
  • Analyze yourself and see where you stand in your life
  • Learn new things

These are only a few of my examples. There are plenty of activities which can be done fruitfully with your own self. Identify them and start to practice from today.

Fly with your minds.

But remember, “Thoughts are effective than you think.”

Think positive.

Love yourself.

Keep yourself busy.

Utilize your time wisely.

Lead a successful life.

Love In The Air

Hi readers! Welcome back to my lovely platform. Hope you are doing great. This time, I am here to talk about my love for travel.

Who doesn’t like the lovely travel? Whatever the place be, whether a small park or one of the wonders of India- ‘Taj Mahal’, ‘travel’ is a travel. Some people normally wish to relax in the weekend by sleeping, watching movies, or any other household chores. But I prefer to travel.

“Travel is a marvel.”

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The heavenly sun rays, the beautiful breeze, the melody in the air, the dancing trees, our whole mother earth itself is a beauty. Without experiencing the love in the air, what is the purpose of living a stressful life of work and relax? I have travelled to many places in India. From Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari & north east India too. I have not yet travelled to North West India and hope to travel soon. The great Himalayas, the ‘Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonmarg’ of Jammu & Kashmir, the mesmerizing Shimla, the Taj Mahal of Agra, the Mysore palace, the Cheerapunji hills, Shillong, the Loktak lake of Manipur, the enchanting beauty of Kerala (God’s own country), my all time favorite Fort Kochi, the Thiruvalluvar statue of Kanyakumari, lovely Ooty and Kodaikanal, heavenly Pondicherry, the delightful Mahabalipuram near Chennai, the winsome Marina beach in Chennai, the enchanting places like Kanchipuram, Madurai, Tanjore and many others are my favorites. My line goes on and each one of those are the must visit places in India. I am proud to be an Indian for being able to live in a mesmerizing land of beauties. I have a dream of exploring other countries as well. Hope that would happen sometime in my future.

“Step out. Travel to places. Explore the beauty.”

I really miss my travel in this lockdown times and hope that everything returns back to normal soon. I really wish to hear your favorite travel spots in the comment section so that I could visit that beauty one day:)

A jocular incident with a happy ending.

Hi readers! Back again with a smile and an energy to my favorite writing platform. Hope you are doing well.

This time, I am writing something different. I thought of writing one of my humorous incident which gives you a smile. I am not sure whether it’ll bring smile on your faces but my father, my mother, and my brother laughed when I said this piece to them. So, I hope so. Anyway let us get into it.

How many of you readers have baked a cake? If you have not, I’ll say “Just be sure of your recipe and be careful.” You might be thinking why am I saying it at this moment. Yes. There is a reason.

I always dreamt of baking a cake and I thought of fulfilling my wish in this lockdown period. I saw a nice recipe from YouTube and it looked easy. Also, the cake which they had made looked so lovely. So I chose that and started my task. I required sugar, breadcrumbs, milk and custard powder to do it. Custard powder was not available in my home. So I browsed the internet for an alternative. There, somewhere I saw corn flour could be used instead of custard powder. Thankfully, that was there in my home. I got into action. As per the recipe in the video, I did.

Here comes a twist. A sad part of mine. At last, the cake looked like it had not cooked well. The cake was not spongy. I felt sad. I was really disappointed. My first cake didn’t come out well. I felt like crying. I kept that cake in refrigerator for nearly 2 days and finally, my mother put that cake to a cow that passed by my home. I thought, “Cows don’t eat such sweet cakes. And that is again going to get wasted.” To my surprise, the cow ate the cake fully at an instant. Though I was sad, I felt really happy that atleast a cow ate my first cake and it had not gone wasted.

Is this incident really bringing a smile? Anyway, this is an incident with a happy ending, right? In my blog posts, I usually end with a moral or some quotes. So, here it is. Whatever you do, it must be useful for others or your own self. Otherwise, the time and energy which you spent get wasted. And that nowhere helps in your life.

Do something great.
Gain experience.
Get Better.
Become the best.

Time and Work

Hi readers!

Hope you are in good health. By reading the title, do you get to remember the physics or math stuffs? Yes. I remembered. But I am not even touching a bit from those topics. This is about something else.

Time and Work. Try asking yourself. “Do I feel like time runs very fast? Or Do I feel like I am running out of time in a day?”

What is the answer? Is it a yes or a no? If it is no, that means you are not efficiently utilizing your precious time. That means you often get bored in your day.

Each person has some unique value. Each person has some unique skills. Each person is talented. If you keep wasting the time, the time will not bother about you. Only you will feel for it later.

And if you are the one who feel like time runs so fast and you feel like you are not getting enough time, Congratulations! You are efficiently utilizing your valuable time. You keep yourself busy with some useful works. You are the one who is guaranteed to succeed in life.

It is rightly said, “Time and tide waits for none.

I in this lockdown, find myself running out of time. My father said, ” That is the symbol of your efficient work. That is the symbol of dedication and hard work.” I liked the phrase and with a smile, decided to write it in this lovely platform to give you readers this fruitful message.

Be efficient.
Be dedicated.
Don’t ever waste your time.
The day is ours. Utilize it in the loveliest way.

Enjoying the Lockdown…

Hi readers! I am back again to share my thoughts.

We all know the situation of Covid-19 and yes, we are all hoping that it will get over one day.

Lockdown because of Covid-19 have made many faces sad. But in my case, I am enjoying. I am just enjoying and getting better. Yes. I am getting better day by day and I have no doubt on it. I am in my third year of engineering and is the right time to do a lot of home works for placements. And this lockdown is helping me a lot. I am not afraid of my placements as I believe that this situation will not affect the employment in IT sectors. The work in IT sectors are not going to pause even if this situation continues as there is an option to work at home.

I plan my daily works and do it perfectly. That’s my strength. And definitely that helps me to get better.

I wake up at around 6. Yeah, I know in one of my previous blogs I have mentioned that I wake up at around 5 am. As this is a lockdown period, I have given that habit a pause. I’ll definitely continue once all are back to normal. Coming to my lockdown day, after I wake up I brush my teeth and drink tea. Oh I know that’s a casual thing which is done by all. I then do yoga for about half an hour. I developed this habit now and it makes me feel relaxed and happy throughout the day.

At this lockdown period, I regularly watch the Ramayan series telecasted in DD National daily at 9 am and 9 pm. I tried learning that epic through books earlier, but couldn’t follow that good. But through this opportunity, I am learning one of the Ancient Indian epic. I would say it’s really really a great thing.

As my placements are nearing, I need a lot of practice in aptitudes and coding. I barely had time in my normal days as I had my usual college works. But now, I could concentrate greatly on aptitudes and my programming skills. I do practice them daily, and I am confident that it is definitely going to take me to greater heights.

I also wished to learn new topics from my field to add weightage to my skill sets. I am learning Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) and trying my best to develop mini projects with them. I think to learn this major field, it requires a lot of time and concentration. And this lockdown is helping me in getting this precious time.

Yeah! Of course, I read a lot of positive books and novels to keep me relaxed and stay happy. And I would definitely not miss my favorite hobby of writing. I write articles in this lovely platform write quotes and write my diary. I even listen to music and watch movies in my leisure time.
I think this is the maximum, one can do in a day and I am really super enjoying the lockdown by gaining a lot of knowledge and skills.


Get Better.

Become the Best.

Note to the Rising Stars…

Hi readers!

Welcome back to this positive page. Hope you are all good.

How do you normally deal with people? Will it always be polite? Or have you advised someone? Okay, let me give you short hints on how to deal with people.

  • Be careful in dealing with people.
  • Speak only after proper thinking.
  • Wasteful talks should be avoided.
  • Never ever give any unsought advice.
  • Give advice to your children, near and dear ones. Give guidance to your family.
  • Help others. Be kind.
  • Never ever criticize and find fault with others. They might not like it.
  • Always be positive and Spread positivity throughout.

Stay home Safe.

Hi readers!

Hope you all are fine with good health. We all know what are the precautions to get rid of this virus -Covid19, it’s being shown in television, newspapers and social media daily. I am not going to repeat the same here.

Self quarantine is the best way to protect ourselves.

But being at home all days is not an easy task. I am getting bored without going out. I miss my travel. I miss my college. I miss my shopping. Although I miss them, there are many things which can keep us busy at this point of time.

Reading books. Yeah. I read a lot of books in this holidays. It now became a habit and I am happy about it. Earlier, I could spend only three to four days a week in reading books. But now I read daily.

Next is Online learning. I now do a lot of online courses which develops my knowledge and skills. I suggest you readers to do at least an online course on the topic of interest.

Spending time with my family. This is an important action which has to be done everyday. But if not done earlier, kindly do it now. Now I spend most of the time with my parents and my brother. We speak, play, eat and watch movies together.

  • Stay safe.
  • Stay hygienic.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Self quarantine.
  • Do creative and useful works.

    Early riser is an Early winner.

    Great day readers!

    I start writing this in an instant after I got this title in my mind. And there is a reason for this title.

    Till last month, I thought I can succeed in life even when I get up late and work/study on my time of interest. My father keeps telling me to rise early and feel the difference. I am excellent at every task of mine, but this rising early in the morning was my toughest task. I thought about it…..

    I am packed with my works in the last few months. I love learning new things. But couldn’t spend time on that as I had to complete a lot of daily works. And couldn’t concentrate as I felt jam-packed in the evenings. So one day, I thought about what my father said.

    I decided. I fixed my task. I fixed my time. It was difficult to follow initially but now enjoying my habit. I am continuing to get up early at 5 am. And I get a fresh and a plenty time to learn new things which are useful in my career and of course my life.

    Try! Fix! Become an Early Riser!

    If you are already the one, you are absolutely having a great life ahead.

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